How To Create a Robust Password System?

It becomes tough to remember different passwords for separate accounts. But at the same time, using the same password in all your separate accounts is not safe. Safety is taken for granted when one password is used in all your accounts. It is so because if by chance the hacker gets to know the password of your one account, then they can automatically get access to the rest of your accounts. Thankfully, there is a solution to such problems.

Best ways to set your passwords

Set random passwords

You should always try to set random passwords in all your accounts. This will provide safety to each of your accounts indirectly. As different random passwords will be complicated for the hacker to trap. It is worth noting that with random passwords the strong passwords also plays a significant role. And this should be made in such a way that it becomes easy to remember.

For instance, you can make a list as follows-

  • Mail accounts credentials
  • Social networking sites credentials
  • Banking credentials

Now, the step that should be taken by you is that you should start making the list of these in a bit detail. Like starting with the mail account- write below the mail account about all your mail information such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo, etc. After making of the entire list, you can step ahead with the making of the strong, random password that can be memorized by you quickly. In this ways, the rest of the section should also be dealt with.

Making strong passwords

It should comprise of 14 characters. If even a single is missed then the chances of your password getting stolen increases. There can be a situation like a site doesn’t support for such a long password. Try to go through the given below instructions for it.

The 14 characters password rule is very famous. In this, the beginning eight characters in all your passwords should be changed as a common thing. The rest three should be changed according to its division that it belongs to and lastly, the remaining three characters should be made according to its site. So things may turn up like- you only require to change the common beginning characters of all your accounts.

Now, next comes the simple way of remembering the password. The following ways can do this-

  1. Firstly, make an eight letter word that gets easy to remember.
  2. Then, use the first letter of every word to make the password.
  3. After that, change a few of the letters in the newly made password with some symbols.
  4. Next, jump on the three letter abbreviation for the division part and change one of its letter with a symbol.
  5. Lastly, check the three letters that have been made related to the site. In this too, change one letter with the symbol.

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